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Every morning I wake up with a head full of things to do. I scramble around trying to put them in lists of importance all while trying to keep the peace within my little brood (trying to recall everything I've learned and read about parenting at the same time.) I love being a wife and the quirks that come with having my man forever. I love to be creative and thrive on crossing off my to do list. I strive to find balance and put first things first which brings me PEACE & JOY and allows me to sleep so much easier when I do. I think that one of the secrets to being HAPPY in life is to find that balance. I'm learning how to be kinder to myself and learning patience in progress. Everyday, through the thick and thin of life I'm trying to turn my heart towards heaven and remember what's really important.Oh, and I love to eat, so much so that I love to exercise too.


Oh Rats!


I had to buy lawn fertilizer.
The girls came with me,
and they fell in love with baby ducks.
I didn't have my camera,
but just imagine really cute little yellow ducks.
We all got to hold them.
The begging started.
"Can we get one mom,
No, they're cute, but...
We got in the car and started talking about getting a bunny again.
Our last bunny, THUMPER, died.
Whit started to cry remembering that day.
Then out of my mouth,
"What about rats, let's get some rats during spring break."
 (my friend had told me how much fun her family had with rats)
They liked that idea.
And so,
here we are with 2 rats.
They're pretty cute.
The kids love them.

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  1. You are a much cooler Mom than me! I've avoided having any pets so far and I hope to keep it that way! My kids get lots of fun with animals anyway since all the neighborhood cats think our yard is awesome to be in...


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